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Monday, March 12, 2007


All right... some slight reversals...

1) Right now, we just go in to the show with the theatre performances alone.

2) The Art Exhibition has been postponed to July when we re-run this show, hopefully after a bit of touring

3) We are running through at Alliance Audi from 19 - 21, interested parties may call me up and confirm and land up to watch

4) That's it for now. More news to follow.



  1. i had a pretty disappointing time onstage with gayatri and she knows it too. just like the character, even the actor in me felt an impotent anger anguish and angst. i can straight away draw a parallel with rahul dravid in that match against srilanka!! but the optimist in me has learnt a few lessons and i hope others also draw positives from this especially my co actor. actions speak louder than words so talk less work more! passion alone does not guarantee results, u need to work hard for it!
    anyway the page has been turned and all that is history! and whether its history or myth, it doesnt make a difference to me!!
    yours theatrically

  2. Going through some of our old posts and just stopped by to read this comment again, after all those years. Yeah, I guess it was a very disappointing experience for you. I hope the last night with Prateeksha and Shyam made up for it! Anyway... sometimes we hate when such stuff happen, but they make us be prepared for such eventualities in future. Either helps preempt and avoid or go through with a little more know-how of how to handle that.