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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Meta-theatre? Pardonnez Moi!

Parrots' Lies is not meta-theatre. It is merely self-reflexive in a very egotistic way. It tries to show off its posession - theatre as a subject. Meta-theatre is what Peter Handke writes. Although this kind of has similarity in that it abuses its patrons much like Handke's Abusing the Audience (Publikumsbeschimpfung), the parallel ends there. Handke's other works such as Kaspar or The Ride Across Lake Constance are meta-theatre. Meta-theatre goes beyond being interactive with audience (which is playback theatre) and self-reflexive. Meta-theatre also, like meta-fiction and post-modern tales, has a survivor aspect to it. Parrots' is happening here and now and there is no renegade survivor who's narrating. Besides, a piece of Meta is very conscious of its form and takes its structure seriously. Parrots' has nothing of that saving grace. It does some poor excuse of free-versification. It is a good bitch yarn, that's it. But whacky and randy.

Anyway, i am so worried and in a butterfly state of stomach going into the last rehearsal night. Last night, the run through lasted 55 mins. - 15 mins way off target and with a pace pizza delivery boys would have been proud. Folks, if you're reading this... the play is 70 mins long. M! slow down delivery and G! pull your voice only with the maintenance and sustenance of emotional intensity. Varun... try to feel the text and find those words that provide the impulse to push your emotional quandary. We got a long way to go folks... and it has to be tonight. Friday when we open, we have no Mahler to bail us out!


  1. My first time here...
    Coming to watch the play on saturday. Wish you guys luck!

  2. hey! how come im not in the some bloggers... list?

  3. Shruti thou shalt be duly knighted... hang in till parrots' gets over!

  4. ditto cakes! my name's not on the blogs either! :(

  5. madddddmaxxxxu... makku...pilasthiri... how does one link to a blog or profile that is not accessible. btw, who's this maxmad... vikthedoc? if so... you ain't theatre fella... you're just prince blue, sacre bleu!

  6. and shruti

    you've been linked at the masquerade blogsite. this is not a regularly going to be happening site coz the production is over. it's just scrap site for the 5 of us involved in the deal!