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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Production Page

This blog is to collate all the various tangles we are and would be walking through the current production of Parrots' Lies.

It is a slightly tricky production. But a bloody enjoyable one. It is a wicked play. I produced-directed it in 2001 with Yog, Lekha Washington and Pushkar. It was a wild three months we had last time. And I guess I have no less an intelligent cast, who can bring shades and shades of interpretation to the script. There is something very disarmingly wickedly local feel about it. I guess that is the strength of the script. Once you get the funda behind names and localise the scenario, the play becomes your own. Except for the fact that it was written by a playwright of German origin, it could belong to any culture milieu ethos whachumay!

Anyway... this is the beginning.

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