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Friday, April 28, 2006

denis leary

heard the song, and..

it doesn't seem to go with the...moment. i don't know. is it what you used last time?

while the sentiment gels, it isn't..peppy-irritating enough, in my opinion..


  1. no... sometimes you can't take the song literally. i know the song has nothing to do with the text or subtext. hardly. and it is n't that peppy either. But when that line bursts upon the actor who is delving into the role and getting mentally in there and expecting a serene music, you play this 20 seconds of burst where he goes "I'm an ...." in a loud percussion backed binge... it is enough and unsuspecting to throw off the concentration and that kinda destroys his poise and all the nerves it took him to steel to do that part of the play.

  2. well..i guess.

    the adagietto has a floating..drifting feel to it. as it says in the script..'what peace' or something.

    and the army of lovers song itself is quite brilliant to throw him off. you could just use that. (if you haven't heard it,) it starts with this gospel chorus going 'iiii'm cruuuucifiiied' with an organ and then heads into a cheesy 80s dance thump-thump beat..

    if i were to pick a song as the antithesis to death in venice, would be something like...i dunno..'search and destroy' by iggy pop and the stooges.

    and, after listening to crucified, i'd also prob add 'age of consent' by new order playing at full volume.

    in any case, i think the actor thinks of himself as a sort of connoisseur of classical music, but in reality doesn't know Verdi from Mahler..

    still, i guess when at full blast, denis leary prob works too, but personally, i just don't find it abrasive enough.

  3. oh, and i just thought of this song 'Assassins' by Lightning Bolt.

    It's melt-the-speakers music when at full volume, adn i can assure you there'll be a screaming match between G3 and the sound guy if you play that. no histrionics required. you actually won't be able to hear over the din.

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  5. we'll see. i guess that way we can even play civil war by gnr. or any of the stigmata types. for me this lyrics makes it ironically hilarious. i mean, on one side a loud music incongruous with the sanctity of the moment would do to disturb the actor's poise. But on the other side the audience would giggle themselves to death when they connect the "i'm an arsehole" to 'I'm a piece of shit". that's the idea.

  6. ok where do i step in? stage manager? do i ve anyhing to do?